[ImageJ-devel] [fiji-devel] Re: Regarding Target Java 1.5 for imglib2 core

Johannes Schindelin Johannes.Schindelin at gmx.de
Mon Apr 2 10:57:52 CDT 2012

Dear Stephan,

On Mon, 2 Apr 2012, Stephan Saalfeld wrote:

> We had definitely noticed a massive amount of Jenkins build failure
> messages but since this occurred in the context of Johannes' announced
> changes of the system to better catch ImageJ1 regressions, we took this
> for the usual construction site noise.

Maybe you meant Curtis' announcements regarding the Jenkins job testing
for ImageJ1 unit tests that is so conveniently names 'ImageJ1-unit-tests'?
The majority of Jenkins' mails was not about this job. But about compile
failures in Fiji, including ImgLib.

> We always test our changes by building Fiji using Fiji's Build.sh and
> were not aware that Jenkins uses even another compiler.

The Jenkins job that broke calls Fiji build. The Fiji Build is what broke.
The new thing was that I tried to advance the ImgLib submodule (move the
submodule pointer in modules/imglib to a newer ImgLib commit), which
failed to compile.

All my changes in javac were triggered by non-compiling code (ImgLib or
SPIM Registration, issues kept cropping up with quite complicated generics
constructs which have that unfortunate tendency to challenge different
compilers/compiler versions).

Just for the record: I did not want to update javac. But I wanted those
Jenkins mails to stop.

In the future, it would be nice if such compile errors could be addressed
by each developer as problems occur. Curtis offered nicely to write the
Wiki page he mentioned, where he will explain everything about build
issues and how to handle them.


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