[ImageJ-devel] Filing IJ2.0 bugs

Adam Fraser adam.n.fraser at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 15:43:11 CDT 2011

Hi Curtis, et al.

I've started going through the IJ-Commands-All google doc to testing each
command by hand. The plan was/is:

for each command:

   - Manually test in IJ1 & IJ2 simultaneously making sure to try it in
   different contexts
   - Record actions as a macro.
   - Update IJ-Commands-All doc (did anything break in IJ2?)
   - Add macro text to test script

However, I'm already running into several bugs that aren't necessarily the
fault of the command itself, and some that simply can't be demonstrated via
a macro. In these cases, I've been writing down a description of the bug and
how to reproduce it, but a text document on my local machine is hardly the
place for this list to reside. Still, I'm hesitant to just start filing lots
of bugs in the imagejdev trac. Does anyone have suggestions for how to
approach this methodically so the issues get seen by someone who can
determine their severity and fix/ignore/dismiss them as they see fit?

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