[ImageJ-devel] Results from yesterday's imglib coding session

Curtis Rueden ctrueden at wisc.edu
Fri Jul 23 15:25:43 CDT 2010

Hi everyone,

Yesterday the ImageJDev.org developers spent a few hours together,
attempting an initial integration of imglib with ImageJ.

We ended up (partially) implementing a new ImageProcessor subclass called
ImgLibProcessor that is backed by an mpicbg.imglib.image.Image<T extends
ComplexType<T>> object. This basic proof of concept is available from our
Git repository:


For those interested, the ij.process.ImgLibProcessor class has a main method
to test the functionality; the image used must be grayscale, and either a
single image or a Z-series, due to current limitations in imglib's LOCI
Bio-Formats image importer.

We also identified several next steps to take to further pursue this work:

1) Resolve the multichannel issue/limitations

2) Implement the many unimplemented imglib processor methods

3) Investigate the ImageStatistics subclasses—maybe create an analogous
ImgLibStatistics class?

4) Identify the places within ImageJ where type-specific case logic is used
  * Add a case for the new imglib backed structure at these locations

5) More generally, add getters/setters for all public fields throughout
ImageJ, to assist with delegation logic in the future

Overall, the coding session was a success—people felt like they learned
quite a bit—so we will probably do another one in 2-4 weeks, assuming we
have another appropriate topic.

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