[ImageJ-devel] ImageJDev project update

Curtis Rueden ctrueden at wisc.edu
Mon Dec 27 00:15:03 CST 2010

Hi everyone,

For those who haven't already heard, ImageJDev is a project to create the
next generation version of ImageJ.

I gave a talk at the ImageJ 2010 conference describing the project; for
those who missed it, the slides are online with speaker notes at:

We also recently updated the ImageJDev web site (http://imagejdev.org/) to
reflect our latest work (http://imagejdev.org/current-status), describe the
software architecture as it develops (http://imagejdev.org/design), and

We have been making steady progress, but the project is still under heavy
development, with nothing ready for end users to try yet. We plan to release
an alpha version next month, a beta next summer, and a stable release next

For those interested in participating in the project's development, we
suggest signing up for the ImageJX mailing list for general future
directions and software architecture discussions about ImageJ, and/or the
ImageJ-devel list for day-to-day discussion of the ImageJDev project—see
http://imagejdev.org/mailing-lists for more details.

Happy holidays!

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