[ImageJ-devel] IJ1 PluginFinder

Curtis Rueden ctrueden at wisc.edu
Tue Dec 7 16:43:32 CST 2010

Hi Grant,

Thanks for the update. Please move this logic into the
imagej.ij1bridge.plugin.ij1PluginFinder class of the ij1bridge project,
since that is where it belongs.


On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 3:30 PM, Grant B. Harris <gharris at mbl.edu> wrote:

>  Curtis --
> There is no way to discriminate between plugins which are commands and user
> plugins from the menus (the approach taken in
> imagej.ij1bridge.plugin.Ij1PluginFinder).  So I have adapted the code from
> ij.Menu to find the underscored .jar/.zip and .class files in plugins
> directory (plus one level down) and parse the plugin.config file from the
> jars into a class: ijx.ij1.PluginLoader.
> At the moment it is a Plugin for testing.  Try  File|RunTest  (a menu item
> I added for testing.)  All the PluginEntries it finds are listed in a
> TextWindow.
> I committed this to svn just now.
> Next step is to create the actual menus... For now I'll put all of the user
> plugins in a Plugins menu.  For jar files that have a plugin.config,
> "Plugins can be installed in the File>Import, File>Save As, Edit>Options,
> Analyze>Tools, Help>About Plugins and Plugins menu and submenus"   For the
> time being, I will add a submenu in the Plugins menu (eg.
> Plugins>File>Import) for these.
> -- Grant
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