[ImageJ-devel] ROIs, both 5D and ND

Jason Swedlow jason at lifesci.dundee.ac.uk
Mon Apr 19 11:56:58 CDT 2010

[Apologies for the cross-post, but it seemed necessary, and various  
people said it was ok]

Dear All-

There have been various discussions about modeling of ROIs for our  
respective projects.  OME is currently using a 5D (space, time,  
channel) ROI spec, which is available here:


This matches the existing spec we use for images as 5D objects.  Its  
works for most conventional images.

However, we're all fully aware that this doesn't cut it for some very  
important use cases.  One we are working on right now-- FLIM.  There  
are obviously many others.  In OME parlance, this is the N-dimensional  


The Data Modeling work (such as it is) on this is at:


Whatever we do, we'd much prefer to be in synch with concepts within  
Fiji, as we will continue to release bridges between OMERO and Fiji,  
and doubtless, in good time, will need to include support for ROIs in  

Stimulated by a presentation from Curtis Rueden last week, I started  
an email thread with Dan White on this topic over the weekend, and it  
seems this discussion should be out in the open.  Anyone interested in  
trying to work out an alignment on this topic?  If so, are there Fiji  
resources we can stare at and see what you all are thinking?

Thanks in advance.



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