[ImageJ-devel] Getting started with imglib

Curtis Rueden ctrueden at wisc.edu
Thu Apr 15 14:59:41 CDT 2010

Hi everyone,

For those looking to get started learning imglib, here are a few resources.

1) You can clone the imglib code from the git repository:
git clone git://imagejdev.org/imglib.git

2) The authors have written a nice introductory guide, available in the doc
subdirectory, or online at:

It is a little out of date now, but still provides a good overview of the

3) There is some good information on the Fiji wiki at:

See also the "Tutorials & Howtos" linked at the bottom.

4) In Fiji, you can invoke the Script Editor with File > New > Script. Then
load a template for creating an imglib plugin with Templates > Imglib

5) Somewhat tangentially, I wrote an "Imglib Algorithm Launcher" (available
in the algorithm-launcher branch of fiji):

6) Questions can be directed to the fiji-devel mailing list at:

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