[ImageJ-devel] ImageJ developers chat room

Curtis Rueden ctrueden at wisc.edu
Wed Apr 7 15:25:26 CDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be useful to have an ImageJ developers chat room. I have
seen it work well for the Fiji and OME teams, as it helps keep
geographically distributed people in touch, and allows technical chatter
without the immediate interruption of other forms of communication.

One question is: what is the best software to use to host such a room? The
Fiji team uses IRC (freenode.net), whereas the OME team has their own Jabber
server. For the time being, I created a persistent chat room on
conference.jabber.org called imagejdev with password loci, which you are
welcome to join.

You will need a client capable of joining password-protected Jabber chat
rooms (unfortunately, it appears that iChat and the GTalk client do not
support it—please correct me if I am wrong). I use Adium on Mac OS X, and
Pidgin will almost certainly work on Win/Linux.

For Jabber accounts, it should work to use either a Google account (GTalk),
or for UW-Madison folks your wisc.edu address (WiscChat—see

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