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12 Deconvolution


There are a number of plugins for deconvolution in ImageJ.

Two plugins from Bob Dougherty are used together to firstly generate an image-stack of the point-spread function (PSF). The second plugin uses this PSF image stack along with your sample-stack with the Iterative Deconvolution 3D plugin. Image right is a single slice taken from a stack before and after deconvolution using these plugins. Cite: Dougherty, R.P., "Extensions of DAMAS and benefits and limitations of deconvolution in beamforming", AIAA Paper 2005-2961, May, 2005.

See the plugins' homepages for more details: Diffraction PSF 3D & Iterative Deconvolution 3D

12.1 Generating a PSF image stack

Run: "Plugins/Deconvolution/Diffraction PSF 3D". A dialog will appear. Most of these are self explanatory. The width, height and depth values are for the PSF image, not your image stack. The correct values will need to be empirically determined.

12.2 Iterative deconvolution

Run: "Plugins/Deconvolution/Iterative Deconvolve 3D".

Select the image and PSF stack.

Start with the default values. Set iterations to equal 10 initially.







12.3. Spectral Deconvolution

The two Spectral deconvolution plugins from Piotr Wendykier can be used with PSFs generated as described above (Section 12.1).