Watershed Algorithm (ImageJ plugin)

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Watershed Algorithm (ImageJ)
Author Christopher Mei (christopher.mei@sophia.inria.fr)
File Watershed_Algorithm.jar
Source included in .jar
Initial release 15 December 2003
Development status unknown
Category Segmentation
Website [1]

This algorithm is an implementation of the watershed immersion algorithm written by Vincent and Soille (1991).

  • Vincent, Lee & Soille, Pierre, "Watersheds in digital spaces: An efficient algorithm based on immersion simulations", IEEE PAMI 13 (6): 583-598

A review of Watershed algorithms can be found at : http://www.cs.rug.nl/~roe/publications/parwshed.pdf

  • Roerdink & Meijster, The Watershed Transform: Definitions, Algorithms and Parallelization Strategies, vol. 41, FUNDINF: Fundamenta Informatica, IOS Press