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| name                  = View5D
| name                  = View5D
| software              = ImageJ
| software              = ImageJ

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View5D (ImageJ)
Author Rainer Heintzmann
Maintainer Rainer Heintzmann, Jean-Yves Tinevez
File src of last release (zip)
Source Template:GitLink
Initial release April 2007
Latest version V1.3.00 - Jan 2011
Development status not active - stable
Category Plugins
Website View5D homepage


View5D conveniently allows for the display and navigation through up to 5 dimensional volumetric datasets. It also features some analysis tools such as semiautomatic tracking and scattergrams.

Rainer and friends have written a lot of tutorials and help around the user interface, so as to maximize usability of this plugin. Have a look here for more info: View5D homepage.