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Updater V1 technical details

I'll use this page to document the changes made to the ImageJ Updater in the about to be released version called V1.

What's different

  • Added a check whether Java version supports the HTTPS certificates.
  • Depending on what's supported, the updater will use HTTPS or HTTP links for the update sites on imagej.net (and throw a warning in case HTTPS is not supported)
  • Uploading via HTTPS is working now, both basic and digest authentication supported
  • The updater is smarter about updating URLs of official sites (= listed on the list of available update sites) in case they change remotely
    • It shows a approval dialog for activated update sites, when the URL changed in the official list of update sites.
    • Supports migration from http to https for sites.imagej.net.

UpdateSite URL representation

[src] FilesCollectionClass.png

Manually add update site and edit URL



Update Check on Startup

  • this is the `onEvent` Method of the `DefaultUpdateService` which is called when the ImageJ UI is shown

[src] UpdateCheckStartupSequence.png

ImageJUpdater implements UpdaterUI

  • called from startup in case there are updates available (see last line in previous diagram)
  • called via Help > Update...

[src] ImageJUpdaterSequence.png

Command line usage

ImageJ --update refresh-update-sites --simulate
ImageJ --update refresh-update-sites
ImageJ --update refresh-update-sites --updateall
ImageJ --update refresh-update-sites --keepall

Relevant PRs

  1. V1 imagej-updater PR
  2. V1 imagej-swing-ui PR
  3. V1 imagej-plugins-uploader-webdav PR
  4. Support redirects PR

Relevant Issues