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Update Fiji (Fiji)
Author Johannes Schindelin, Yap Chin Kiet (Google Summer of Code 2009)
Maintainer Johannes Schindelin
Source gitweb
Initial release 10 Oct 2008
Latest version 14 Jun 2010
Development status beta

Automatic Update

The Fiji Updater is a mechanism to update individual packages in Fiji. It is automatically run when all the following conditions are met:

  • Fiji was just started
  • Fiji was started without parameters (i.e. no Drag 'n Drop onto the Fiji icon)
  • Fiji's files can be updated by the current user
  • There is a network connection

If there were updates since the Updater was run the last time, Fiji will ask whether you want to run the Updater now or later:


In case you do not want to run the Updater upon startup, you can choose Never; this setting can be adjusted in Edit>Options>Configure Fiji Updater, too.

Starting the Updater explicitely

The Updater can be run via Help>Update Fiji.

Easy mode

The Updater has two modes, the Easy Mode and the Advanced Mode. In the former mode, you will only see the files that can be updated. The easy mode looks like this:


For technical reasons, a restart of Fiji is required before the changes take effect. You can read about technical details here.

Advanced mode

In the advanced mode, you can see details about the Fiji components, choose not to update selected components, and search by filename:

Snapshot of the Advanced Mode of the Updater.png

Advanced Mode / Update Java

In Advanced Mode, you can update your Fiji-specific Java. Just click the Update Java button:

Snapshot of the Java Update option of the Fiji Updater.png

Configuring the Updater

When the updater detects that there are updates available, it offers the user the choice: update right now, delay (i.e. ask again in one week), or disable the startup check.

If you disabled the startup check, you can reenable it via Edit>Options>Configure Fiji Updater:

Snapshot of the Fiji Updater Configuration.png