Upcoming Events

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This is a list of upcoming conferences, courses, and other events in the scientific imaging community.

Date Title Topic Location
Conferences, Meetings, and Symposia
2018 May 30-June 1 2018 OME Annual Users Meeting 2018 OME Annual Users Meeting University of Dundee


2018 June 5-8 ELMI 2018 18th European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting University College Dublin


2018 June 25-26 AI and Digital Microscopy Multidisciplinary meeting centred on application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods in Digital Microscopy University of Exeter

Exeter, UK

Courses and Workshops
2018 Apr 4-17 Quantitative Imaging: From Acquisition to Analysis Course covering the complete process of quantitative imaging Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA

2018 May 2-11 Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscopy (AQLM) Course covering the complete process of quantitative imaging Marine Biological Laboratory

Woods Hole, MA, USA

2018 Jun 28-29 WBIR 2018 8th International Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration Leiden, The Netherlands
2018 July 2-6 Summer School on Image Analysis for Plant Phenotyping The course will provide a mixture of underlying theory and practical hands-on training on image analysis techniques for automatic plant phenotyping. Wageningen, The Netherlands

Past events