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This is a list of upcoming conferences, courses, and other events in the scientific imaging community.
Please see [https://forum.image.sc/t/upcoming-image-analysis-events/19912 this list on the Image.sc Forum] of upcoming conferences, courses, and other events in the scientific imaging community.
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| colspan=4 class="section-minor" | Conferences, Meetings and Symposia
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Feb 10-12
|[http://www.cvent.com/events/13th-annual-advanced-imaging-methods-workshop/event-summary-b69152a3c740446887fbe0f79c13fd4d.aspx 13th Annual Advanced Imaging Methods (AIM) Workshop]
|New and emerging light microscopy and time-resolved technologies and applications.
|Berkeley City Club
Berkeley, CA, USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Feb 13-18
|[http://spie.org/conferences-and-exhibitions/photonics-west SPIE Photonics West]
|Laser, Photonics, and Biomedical Optics
|The Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA , USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Feb 20-23
|[https://conf.abrf.org/abrf-2016 ABRF 2016]
|Innovative imaging technologies: instrumentation, reagents, methods, etc.
|Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Feb 21-23
|[http://www.bioimaging.biostec.org/ Bioimaging 2016]
|Medical imaging and microscope/fluorescence image processing
|Rome, Italy
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Feb 22-24
|[http://www.biodip.de/tim2016 Trends in Microscopy (TIM) 2016]
|Grasping Higher Dimensions
|Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden – CRTD
Dresden, Germany
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Feb 27-Mar 3
|[http://spie.org/conferences-and-exhibitions/medical-imaging/ SPIE Medical Imaging]
|Advances in medical imaging and image processing
|Town & Country Resort and Convention Center
San Diego, CA, USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Apr 13-16
|[http://biomedicalimaging.org/2016/ International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI)]
|Biomedical imaging
|Clarion Congress Hotel
Prague, Czech Republic
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 May 24-27
|[http://elmi2016.hu/ ELMI Meeting]
|Light Microscopy
|Kölcsey Center
Debrecen, Hungary
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 June 7-10
|[http://www.icon-europe.org/ ICON Europe 2016]
|International Conference on Nanoscopy
|Biozentrum, University of Basel
Basel, Switzerland
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 June 11-15
|[http://cytoconference.org/2016/Home.aspx CYTO 2016: From Bench to Bedside]
|Washington State Conference Center
Seattle, WA, USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 June 27-29
|[http://europe-slas.org/high-content-screening-conference.htm 2016 SLAS High-Content Screening Conference]
|High-content screening
|Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
Dresden, Germany
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Aug 28-30
|[http://smlms.epfl.ch/ 6th Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium (SMLMS 2016)]
|Single Molecule Localization Microscopy
|Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Aug 31-Sep 3
|[http://www.rms.org.uk/discover-engage/event-calendar/lsfm2016.html Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Conference 2016]
|Light Sheet Microscopy, Image Analysis and Big Data Challenges
|Sheffield, UK
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Sep 12-14
|[http://www.sbi2.org Society of Biomolecular Imaging and Informatics's High-Content 2016]
|Bioimaging and Informatics
|Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
Boston, Ma, USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Sep 29-30
|[http://www.image-based-systems-biology.com/ 3rd international Workshop on Image-based Systems Biology]
|Workshop focusing on automated acquisiton and analysis of high-content screening
|HKI-Center for Systems Biology of Infection
Jena, Germany
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Oct 10-12
|[http://www.bii.a-star.edu.sg/bioimage BioImage Informatics Conference]
|Bio-image informatics
|Bioinformatics Institute, A*STAR
| colspan=4 class="section-minor" | Courses
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Apr 5-18
|[http://meetings.cshl.edu/courses.aspx?course=C-QICM&year=16 Quantitative Imaging: From Cells to Molecules]
|Course in quantitative image acquisition and computational analysis for light microscopy
|Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 May 4-13
|[http://www.mbl.edu/education/special-topics-courses/analytical-quantitative-light-microscopy/ Analytical & Quantitative Light Microscopy (AQLM) 2016]
|Comprehensive course in light microscopy for researchers
|Marine Biological Labs (MBL)
Woods Hole, MA, USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 May 20-27
|[https://mdibl.org/course/qfm-2016/ Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy 2016]
|One-week course covering principles in fluorescence imaging in living cells
|MDI Biological Laboratory
Bar Harbor, ME, USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Sep 6-15
|[http://microspectroscopy-course.eu/ Microspectroscopy: Functional Imaging of Biological Systems]
|Course covering microscopic and spectroscopic techniques for studying biological processes in living cells
|Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences
Nijmegen/Wageningen, NL
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Sep 7-17
|[http://www.mbl.edu/education/special-topics-courses/optical-microscopy-imaging-in-the-biomedical-sciences/ Optical Microscopy & Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences]
|Comprehensive course in microscopy techniques
|Marine Biological Labs (MBL)
Woods Hole, MA, USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2016 Oct 9-19
|[http://www.mbl.edu/education/special-topics-courses/computational-image-analysis/ Computational Image Analysis in Cellular and Developmental Biology]
|Comprehensive course in image analysis
|Marine Biological Labs (MBL)
Woods Hole, MA, USA
== Past events ==
== Past events ==

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Please see this list on the Image.sc Forum of upcoming conferences, courses, and other events in the scientific imaging community.

Past events