TrakEM2 Scripting

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Examples in Jython.

Open the "Plugins - Scripting - Jython Interpreter" (see Scripting Help) and make sure there is a TrakEM2 project open, with a display open. Then type or paste:

Get the instance of a selected image

>>> p = Display.getFront().getActive()
>>> print p
090504_0314_ex0768.mrc z=0.0 #67398

Obtain the ImagePlus of a selected image

>>> p = Display.getFront().getActive()
>>> imp = p.getImagePlus()
>>> print imp.width, imp.height
2048 2048

Access the Layer and Selection of a Display

>>> front = Display.getFront()
>>> layer = front.getLayer()
>>> layer_set = front.getLayerSet()
>>> sel = front.getSelection()
>>> print sel.getSelected().size()
>>> print sel.isEmpty()

In Jython, 1 is True and 0 is False

Lock all selected objects

for d in Display.getFront().getSelected():

Obtain a collection of selected images

The Selection object of a Display can return a number of collections with any selected objects in it, for example of type Patch (those that wrap an image). All you need to do is to call getSelected with the name of the class to filter for:

for d in Display.getFront().getSelected(Patch):
  print d.title

Setting and getting member objects in jython

In Jython as in Python, member objects have automatically get</> and <i>set functions.

For example, altough a Displayable has a private String title member, this is valid python code for getting and setting the title of a Displayable like a Patch:

>>> p = Display.getFront().getActive()
>>> print p.title

Above, a Patch takes as title the name of the file containing the ImagePlus, by default. Let's change the title to something else:

>>> p = Display.getFront().getActive()
>>> p.title = "A new name for this Patch"
>>> print p.title
A new name for this Patch

=== The properties of a Displayable: color, visibil