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| name                  = TopoJ

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TopoJ (ImageJ)
Author David Hovis
Maintainer David Hovis
Source in gitweb
Initial release 18/08/2010
Latest version 18/08/2010
Development status stable
Category Category:Plugins

The TopoJ plugins help you analyze surfaces of bright objects in image stacks. You can load an example via File>Open Samples>SinteredAlumina (2.6MB):

TopoJ-Sintered Alumina.jpg

Compute Topography

To compute the Topography, call Analyze>TopoJ>Compute Topography:


The result looks like this:

TopoJ-Computed Topography.jpg

Remove Slope

To remove the overall slope of the surface, click on the Analyze>TopoJ>Remove Slope menu item:

TopoJ-Remove Slope.jpg