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Time Stamper (ImageJ)
Author Wayne Rasband
File Time_Stamper.class (3,779 Bytes)
Source Time_Stamper.java (2,537 Bytes)
Initial release 22 June 2001
Latest version 10 May 2005
Development status unknown
Category Image annotation
Website [1]

This plugins adds time stamps to a stack. The times are drawn in the current foreground color. Use the color picker (Image > Color > Color Picker or double-click on the color picker button Color picker.png ) to set the foreground color. A dialog box allows the user to specify the starting time, time between frames, location, font size, decimal places and unit of time. Create a rectangular selection and the X and Y locations in the dialog box will be based on that selection. Set time between frames to zero to display nothing but the text in the Suffix field.