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Things to do...

Many of the topics here could user more explanation about why and when they would be used

  • Can mention why would we need to know java version required
  • There are two ways to create such a snapshotknown as a "thread dump" or "stack trace". – not clear

We need an info link back to the Debugging page and perhaps a pass over the content to make sure the concerns of the pages are nicely separated (user vs developer-facing content)

Other improvements

  • In “the other debug mode” debugitude – information on debugging, when to report a bug (via sidebar)
  • Unsupported Class Version Error, How to upgrade Java version – can add link
  • NoSuchMethodError: “Once you determine which update site(s) causes the issue, you can create a separate copy of ImageJ with only the unproblematic site(s) enabled” – needs to be reworded to clarify that multiple ImageJ installations are being recommended

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