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Public data sets

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new FIBSEM data set
* [ Open Connectome Project] hosts a 10 terabyte data set of the [ mouse visual cortex] ([ Bock et al., 2011]) with [ CATMAID], and will offer means to run arbitrary programs on the data very soon.
* [ A 3D electron microscopy dataset of rodent brain], courtesy of [ Graham Knott] and Marco Cantoni at EPFL. In particular, a FIBSEM volume measuring 5x5x5 micrometers and taken from the CA1 hippocampus region of the brain, and imaged at the extraordinary resolution of 5x5x5 nanometers per voxel! In addition, Aurelien Lucchi from [ Pascal Fua]'s lab has made available, in the same page, image volumes contaning labels for mitochondria.
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