TrakEM2 Scripting

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Measure the minimal distance from each ball to a surface defined by a profile list
= Interacting with Layers (Sections) =
=== Calibrating the Z dimension ===
=== Setting the Z value of each section ===
Each [ Layer] stores a Z coordinate as a <i>double</i>. This coordinate is in pixels.
How to compute the Z coordinate of a [ Layer]: suppose that the calibration specifies 4x4x50 nm. This means 4 nm/px in the X axis, 4 nm/px in the Y axis, and 50 nm/px in the Z axis. It is assumed that you set this values by right-clicking on the canvas window and choosing "Display - Calibration...", which opens the familiar ImageJ dialog for image calibration.
Then you have to compute the thickness of a section relative to X axis coordinates. To do so:
layer thickness = (Z calibrated thickness) / (X calibrated thickness)
In our example of 4x4x50 nm/px:
layer thickness = 50 / 4 = 12.5
Then we must set this thickness to every section. This consists of the following steps to be done on the <i>Layer Tree</i> This is the tree that lists the layers in the TrakEM2 window):
1. Right-click on the "Top Level [Layer Set]" node of the <i>Layer Tree</i>. Then choose "Reset layer Z and thickness".
2. Click on the first layer node, then shift+click on the last layer node. All nodes will be selected.
3. Right-click on the selected nodes and choose "Scale...".
4. In the dialog, type in "12.5"--the value we computed above.
To accomplish the same programmatically, do the following:
<source language="python">
z = 0
thickness = 12.5
# Obtain the LayerSet instance:
layerset = Display.getFront().getLayerSet()
for layer in layerset.getLayers():
z += thickness
# Update the GUI
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