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ImageJ subscribes to the [[wikipedia:Release early, release often|release early, release often]] (RERO) mantra often cited in software engineering circles. In particular—and especially because there is a small core development team—the project is driven by [ Boyd's Law of Iteration]: '''speed of iteration beats quality of iteration'''. That is not to say that we do not strive for quality—we do. But we have found through experience that more releases, together with guiding user feedback, push a project forward more efficiently than a slower release cycle does.
To ensure releases can happen quickly, each SciJava component is independently released and versioned, using [[Architecture#Reproducible_builds|reproducible builds]] with a "release ready" <code>master</code> branch. This allows individual SciJava components to be released with the [[JenkinsTravis CI|push of a button]], in a ''timespan less than five minutes''. This puts bug-fixes into the hands of users as quickly as possible.
== Convention over configuration ==
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