Script Parameters

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{{Learn | scripting}}All scripting languages have access to a universal <code>#@parameter</code> notation for declaring inputs and outputs. This approach is preferred over the ImageJ 1.x [[Generic dialog|GenericDialog]] because it is totally agnostic of the user interface, allowing such scripts to run in a variety of contexts. As with [[Writing_ImageJ2_plugins|ImageJ2 plugins]], script parameterization is based on the [[SciJava]] [ @Parameter annotation]—so experience with plugin writing directly translates to scripting, and vice versa.
<b>Note:</b> <i>{{Notice | Script parameters are a feature of [[ImageJ2]]; they will not work in plain [[ImageJ1]]. The [[Fiji]] distribution of ImageJ is built on ImageJ2, so they also work in Fiji.</i>}}
== Basic syntax ==
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