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BigStitcher BrightnessContrastAdjustment

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*'''Max inliers''' How much pixels to consider at most for each image pair.
Below, you can set various regularization parameters for the intensity adjustment function that is fitted to the data. In detail, we will fit a weighted average of the original image intensity ''I''(x) and a weighted average of a linear transformation ''I''(x) * α + β1 and an additive offset ''I''(x) + β2 with weights λ1 and λ2:
λ2 * ''I''(x) + (1-λ2) * (λ1 * (''I''(x) + β2) + (1 - λ1) * (''I''(x) * α + β1) )
The options at the bottom of the dialog set the values for λ1 and λ2:
*'''Affine intensity mapping (Scale & Offset)''' enables a linear transform of the intensities instead of just an additive offset.
*'''Offset only intensity regularization''' corresponds to λ1. Higher values give more weight to an offset-correction vs. a scale and offset correction. Note that if '''Affine intensity mapping''' is deselected, λ1 =1 automatically, so only an offset transform will be calculated.
*'''Unmodified intensity regularization''' corresponds to λ2. Higher values give more weight to an identiy transformation, i.e. leaving the corrected intensity values as close to the original as possible.
{{Notice|If λ1 and λ2 are both set to 0, the fitted transformation might converge to ''I''(x) * 0 + β1, i.e. setting all intensities equal. To prevent this, please always use values ≥ 0 for at least one of the regularization parameters.}}
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