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Adding scripts to the Plugins menu: Added how to make JAR packaged scripts discovered by ImageJ2 and Fiji.
Commands added to the menu in the described way can be called from other scripts. Use the [[macro recorder]] to get the required code for doing so.
== Adding Jar-packaged scripts to the menu ==
Scripts can be packaged in a JAR file for easier distribution to your colleagues and via Update Manager. For this purpose, [ example-script-collection] can be used as a template Maven project.
Inside the example-script-collection jar, the scripts are in <code>./resources/scripts.</code> and therefore get added to the menu when the jar is on the classpath (i.e. in <code>./plugins/</code> or <code>./jars/</code>).
ImageJ2 (and therefore Fiji) looks for scripts in subfolders of <code>./scripts/</code> as it is already described in the previous section, and for jars in <code>./jars/</code>. ImageJ1 recognizes plugins and scripts in <code>./plugins/</code>
= Running scripts in headless mode =