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Installation:*- With ImageJ open, navigate to 'Help'*- In the presented drop down menu, then select 'Update...'*- Allow ImageJ to check for updates*- If required, download updates and restart ImageJ as prompted*- Repeat the first two steps = Help>Update...*- This time ImageJ should let you know that there are no updates available*- Click on 'OK' but do not close the 'ImageJ Updater' window that is also open*- In the bottom left of the 'ImageJ Updater' window, find and click on 'Manage update sites'*- In the newly presented 'Manage update sites' window, find and check the 'ResultsToExcel' check box*- Then close the 'Manage update sites' window*- The 'ImageJ Updater' window will now present you with the plugin files for installation*- Press 'Apply changes'*- After the update has been applied successfully, restart ImageJ