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= Supported languages =
ImageJ's [[Script Editor]] supports many different languages. The following table summarizes the following languages:possibilities.
* {| class="wikitable"| colspan=2 style="background: #ddd; text-align: center; font-weight: bold" | Recommended options|-! [[Beanshell Groovy Scripting|BeanShellGroovy]]* | [[wikipedia:Groovy Scripting(programming language)|Groovy]]is a flexible and powerful scripting language, Java-like but less verbose and dynamically typed. Learn this, and using Java later (if needed) will become easier.* |-! [[Introduction into Macro Programming|ImageJ Macro]]* | style="white-space: normal !important" | The [[ImageJ 1.x]] macro language is less powerful than the other scripting languages, but is designed to be easy to learn and use.|-! style="white-space: nowrap" | [[Jython Scripting|Python (Jython)]]| [[Introduction into Developing Pluginswikipedia:Python (programming language)|JavaPython]]is a popular choice among scientists.* |-! [[Javascript Scripting|JavaScript]]* | [[wikipedia:JavaScript|JavaScript]] is a popular choice among web developers.|-! [[JRuby Scripting|Ruby (JRuby)]]| [[wikipedia:Ruby (programming language)|Ruby]] is another popular choice among web developers.|-! [[Clojure Scripting|Lisp (Clojure)]]* | [[Jython Scripting|Python wikipedia:Lisp (Jythonprogramming language)|Lisp]]is a popular choice among computer scientists.|-* ! [[Renjin Scripting|R (Renjin)]]* | [[JRuby Scripting|Ruby wikipedia:R (JRubyprogramming language)|R]]is a popular choice among scientists and statisticians.|-* | colspan=2 style="background: #ddd; text-align: center; font-weight: bold" | Other options|-! [[Scala Introduction into Developing Plugins|Java]]| You can code Java plugins in the Script Editor. This is the most difficult path, but also the most powerful.|-! [[MATLAB Scripting|ScalaMATLAB]]| ImageJ can interface bidirectionally with MATLAB. See the [[MATLAB Scripting]]page for details.|-! [[Beanshell Scripting|BeanShell]]Additionally, these languages can be installed via | [[httpwikipedia://fijiBeanShell|BeanShell]] is an old script language, maintained mostly for backwards update sitesIt is nearly 100% compatible with Java syntax, but so is [[Groovy]]:.|-* ! [[MATLAB Scala Scripting|MATLABScala]]| [[wikipedia:Scala (programming language)|Scala]]support is currently experimental, and has bugs.|}
= Script parameters =
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