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2016-05-10 - ImageJ HOWTO - Java 8, Java 6, Java 3D

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| colspan=5 | See the [ ImageJ 1.x downloads page] for instructions.
== Upgrading an old installation ==
If you have downloaded Fiji or ImageJ2 quite some time ago (before 2016), you probably have the Java 6 version. So when you update, you will not receive the latest plugin releases anymore, as described above.
To upgrade to the Java 8 version and receive the latest updates, you have two choices:
# Download a new Fiji as described above; or
# [[Frequently Asked Questions#How_do_I_launch_ImageJ_with_a_different_version_of_Java.3F|Switch your current installation over to Java 8]], and ''then'' enable the Java-8 update site.
'''''If you enable the Java-8 update site while still running Java 6, your installation will become non-functional''''''!
== About the Java-8 update site ==
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