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Infobox and disclaimer
{{Infobox| software = Fiji| name = Neuroanatomy update site| author = {{Person|Tiago}}| maintainer = {{Person|Tiago}}| source = {{GitHub|org=tferr|repo=hIPNAT}}| released = April 2016| status = Active| category = [[:Category:Plugins|Plugins]], [[:Category:Analysis|Analysis]], [[:Category:Neuroanatomy|Neuroanatomy]]}}{{ambox | text = This is the main documentation page for the hIPNAT (''Image Processing for NeuroAnatomy and Tree-like Structures'') plugins distributed through the [[User:Neuroanatomy|Neuroanatomy update site]], released in [ April 2016].}}[[Category:Neuroanatomy]]
Please note that, at this time, these tools are under heavy development: some features are experimental and documentation remains incomplete.
= Installation =
= Further information =
* A list of all pages in this wiki related to Image Processing image processing in the Neurosciences neurosciences can be found [[:Category:Neuroanatomy|here]].* The Neuroanatomy toolbox is maintained by [[User:Tiago|Tiago Ferreira]]* The source code is available on [ GitHub]