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* [http[wikipedia:// |Wikipedia page on ImageJ]]* [https[wikipedia:// (software) |Wikipedia page on Fiji]]
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|valign=center|[ Slide Set] is a batch processing system for ImageJ, already leveraging the power of [[ImageJ2]].
== Image Processing and Ethics ==
It becomes more and more important to have clear-cut guidelines what types of image processing are appropriate and what processing is questionable at bestSee the [[Principles]] page.
[http:== Input// Here] is a comprehensive list of 12 rules you need to follow if you want to perform science rather than art.Output ==
== Input/Output ==See the [[Formats]] page.
=== Movie support ===
There is a beta-quality Movie support for all of Fiji's supported platforms available via See the update site '''' (see [[How_to_follow_a_3rd_party_update_site|these instructionsVideo]] on how to follow an update site). It uses [ FFMPEG] (which includes all the upstream changes of [ LibAV]. As such, the plugin requires native, platform-dependent libraries that are shipped from the same update sitepage.
Note that there is [ a similar project], based on [ javacv] which seems to be superior to the FFMPEG plugins mentioned above.== Image Processing ==
Bio-Formats has started See the [[ supportingPrinciples]] parts of the Quicktime specification without relying on the native Quicktime4Java that is not even supported on 64-bit MacOSX, let alone Linuxpage== Image Processing ==
[ A pixel is not a little square]. Really. It is not. Pixels may be spaced on a regular grid. But that does not make them square. Even thinking about them as squares will harm your analysis, since it is simply wrong.
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