Coloc 2

302 bytes added, 14:57, 8 August 2015
Newly added features and squashed bugs: add date of commutativity fix and verify its in version 2.0.2
This is just an easy to check, casual list for users, and might not be up to date.
These might not yet all be in the version of the Coloc_2 plugin released into the imageJ/Fiji updater; you can see that version listed in the command finder in the file column.
# 27-Jan-2015 commit 863fdbeaf7785759ed1c8e9357b7dd67f6d79996 Implement implement code to make sure autothreshold results are the same regardless of image channel order. A slightly earlier commit also added a unit test for this:
# Version 2.0.2 in Fiji updater - 26.Feb.2015
New after version 2.0.2, hopefully going into version 2.0.3: