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Coloc 2

323 bytes removed, 14:47, 29 July 2015
To Do List: move 2D histogram missing features to the github tracker
### Make IJ.log writing only happen once and only in SimpleWindowDisplay - the default ResultHandler that's always used.
### get the Coloc job name from the DataContainer image names, and also add the mark/ROI OD to the job name in case there are multiple ROIs.
# Missing Feature: On the 2D histogram in the PDF, the regression line is absent
# Missing Feature: On the 2D histograms, label each channel, so we know which is x and which y just by looking.
# Missing Feature: auto threshold results lines are missing from the 2D histogram in the simple display results GUI and the PDF.
# Missing Feature?: implement flags in GUI to turn on and off desired output values??? Or does this break the idea of having a standardized output? Perhaps instead just make sure the IJ.log output is easily parse-able by humans and machines.
# Bug: Large images don't fit in results display gui, and there are no scroll bars.