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The most common roles are:
* '''Founders''' are the people who originally launched the project.
* '''Leads''' are responsible for making final decisions. In the [[open source]] world these people are often referred to as [ benevolent dictators]. Changes with a serious impact on the community are typically [[Mailing Lists|discussed on open channels]] first.
* '''Maintainers''' keep the project functional, fix bugs and make releases. They often make day to day decisions, and are typically involved in discussion with the project lead(s) regarding major decisions, although the lead has final decision-making authority.
* '''Contributors''' are people who help with the project either currently or in the past. They may participate occasionally or sporadically, and are typically not involved in project decision making.
See === Levels of maintenance and development === Each project in the ecosystem has a distinct development path, with varying levels of maturity and activity. These paths are ultimately determined by the people who participate in developing the project. The following table conveys the levels of commitment pledged by people with various project roles: {| class="wikitable nicetable"| rowspan=2 | '''Role'''| colspan=5 style="text-align: center" | '''Commitment'''|-| '''Reviews and<br>merges [[Contributing|patches]]'''| '''Responds to<br>[project roles[Contact|community questions]]'''| '''Actively fixes<br>reported [[bugs]]'''| '''Actively adds<br>new [[issues|features]]'''| '''[[Funding|Paid]] page for more details on these add<br>new features'''|-| Maintainer (passive)| {{yes}}| {{unknown}}| -| -| -|-| Maintainer (active)| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| -| -|-| Developer (community)| -| {{unknown}}| {{unknown}}| {{unknown}}| -|-| Developer (supported)| -| -| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}|}
== SciJava projects ==
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