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Simple Neurite Tracer

Simple Neurite Tracer: semi-automatic tracing of neurons.

Simple Neurite Tracer from Mark Longair, showing a traced secondary lineage of a third instar larva Drosophila brain.

The plugin GUI (left) guides the user into creating paths semiautomatically, by clicking starting and ending points throughout the stack. Any ending point serves as starting point for a new segment of the same trace, unless the trace is declared complete.

In the center, the image stack is depicted simulateously in XY, ZX and YZ views.

On the right, the ongoing tracing is shown in the context of the 3D volume view of the stack (via 3D Viewer plugin). From the 3D Viewer, traces can be exported as meshes in wavefront or DXF formats for further processing in 3D applications like Blender.