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| logo                  = [[File:SciView-icon.png|150px]]
| name                  = SciView
| name                  = SciView
| software              = ImageJ
| software              = ImageJ

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SciView (ImageJ)
Author Kyle Harrington, Ulrik Günther, Curtis Rueden
Source SciView
Initial release in development
Latest version in development
Development status alpha
Category Visualization
Website https://github.com/scenerygraphics/SciView


This plugin provides 3D visualization and virtual reality capabilities for images and meshes using the Scenery. SciView integrates ImageJ2 functionality, including ImageJ Ops and ImageJ Mesh, to provide the ability to interact with image and mesh data in 3D and interface with the popular Fiji software ecosystem.

An update site is available: http://sites.imagej.net/SciView/

There have been a number of contributors to the project: Stephan Saalfeld, Tobias Pietzsch, Loic Royer, and Robert Haase. Development has taken place at hackathons such as the first SciView hackathon).