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SciJava (SciJava)
Author SciJava consortium
Maintainer Curtis Rueden
Source on GitHub
Development status Active

SciJava is a collaboration of projects providing software for scientific computing—an effort to cooperate and reuse code when feasible.

The SciJava software stack

The following components are part of the SciJava software stack:

  • SciJava Common - core shared library, with a powerful plugin framework and application container.
  • ImgLib2 - core library for N-dimensional image processing.
  • SCIFIO - core library for N-dimensional image I/O.
  • ImageJ2 - library and application for N-dimensional image processing.
  • Fiji - extension of ImageJ for life sciences research.
  • BigDataViewer
  • TrakEM2

The SciJava pledge

The following projects are part of the SciJava pledge to work together, reuse code and synergize wherever possible:

Imagej2-icon.png Cellprofiler-logo.png Knime-logo.jpg Omero-logo.png Alida-logo.jpg
Fiji-icon.png Icy-logo.png Mm-icon.jpg Bio-formats-logo.png MiToBo-logo.png

See the Architecture and Governance pages, as well as the SciJava web site, for further details.