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| maintainer            = Mark Longair
| maintainer            = Mark Longair
| author                = Mark Longair
| author                = Mark Longair
| source                = [http://fiji.sc/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=fiji.git;a=tree;f=src-plugins/Bug_Submitter;hb=master gitweb]
| source                = on [https://github.com/fiji/Bug_Submitter github.com]
| released              = 03/05/2009
| released              = 03/05/2009
| latest version        = 30/09/2009
| latest version        = 30/09/2009

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Bug Submitter (Fiji)
Author Mark Longair
Maintainer Mark Longair
Source on github.com
Initial release 03/05/2009
Latest version 30/09/2009
Development status maintained

Report a Bug

To be able to track issues better, the Fiji project has a BugZilla instance. However, BugZilla's user interface can be quite intimidating to somebody who just wants to report a bug. Therefore, Fiji offers an easier way to report a bug:

Report a Bug-menu.jpg

It will show you a simple form:

Report a Bug-form.jpg

If you already have submitted a bug using this form, Fiji will remember the email address, but for security reasons, the password will not be stored by default.

Please specify a concise summary of the issue, and provide a more detailed description in the lower text area. The plugin will have filled in some informations about your system already, so that you do not have to do that.

Creating an account

If you did not report any bugs before, you might need to register an account with the BugZilla instance. No worries, this is easy, just click on the Visit the Bugzilla account creation page button. The relevant part of the page looks like this:

Report a Bug-account.jpg

Just enter your email address (which we need to notify you of fixes, or ask for more details), your real name, and hit the Create Account button.