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We favor a style of plugin design that enables execution of the plugin:

  1. From the menus.
  2. From a macro.
  3. From any other plugin or script.

The key point is to separate the setup from the execution. For the purpose, we place the setup within the run method (any dialogs, for example) and the execution in another method.

For example, a plugin that duplicates and scales an image:

/* SAVE in a file named Duplicate_and_Scale.java under the plugins folder! */
import ij.plugin.PlugIn;
import ij.IJ;
import ij.ImagePlus;
import ij.gui.GenericDialog;
import ij.process.ImageProcessor;

/** Duplicate and scale the current image. */
public class Duplicate_and_Scale implements PlugIn {

	/** Ask for parameters and then execute.*/
	public void run(String arg) {
		// 1 - Obtain the currently active image:
		ImagePlus imp = IJ.getImage();
		if (null == imp) return;

		// 2 - Ask for parameters:
		GenericDialog gd = new GenericDialog("Scale");
		gd.addNumericField("width:", imp.getWidth(), 0);
		gd.addNumericField("height:", imp.getHeight(), 0);
		gd.addStringField("name:", imp.getTitle());
		if (gd.wasCanceled()) return;

		// 3 - Retrieve parameters from the dialog
		int width = (int)gd.getNextNumber();
		int height = (int)gd.getNextNumber();
		String name = gd.getNextString();

		// 4 - Execute!
		Object[] ob = init(imp, name, width, height);

	/** Execute the plugin functionality: duplicate and scale the given image.  */
	public Object[] init(ImagePlus imp, String new_name, int width, int height) {
		// 0 - Check validity of parameters
		if (null == imp) return null;
		if (width <= 0 || height <= 0) return null;
		if (null == new_name) new_name = imp.getTitle();

		// 1 - Perform the duplication and resizing
		ImageProcessor ip = imp.getProcessor().resize(width, height);
		ImagePlus scaled = new ImagePlus(new_name, ip);

		// 2 - Return the new name and the scaled image
		return new Object[]{new_name, scaled};

To run the plugin from the menus, first call "Plugins - Compile and Run". Then, any time just call that menu item.

To run the plugin from a macro, do:

IJ.run("Duplicate and Scale", "name=[scaled copy] width=500 height=700");

To run the plugin from another java plugin, do:

		ImagePlus source = ...; // any image

		Duplicate_and_Scale das = new Duplicate_and_Scale();
		Object[] result = das.init(source, "Scaled Copy", 500, 700);
		if (null != result) {
			String name = (String) ob[0];
			ImagePlus scaled = (ImagePlus) ob[1];

To run the plugin from a javascript, do:

var source = ...; // any image
var das = new Duplicate_and_Scale();
var result = das.init(source, "Scaled Copy", 500, 700);
if (result) {
	var name = result[0];
	var imp = result[1];