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Microscope Image Focus Quality Classifier
URL https://imagej.net/Microscope_Focus_Quality
Source on GitHub
License Apache
Release 0.1.0
Development status Unstable
Support status Active
Founders Curtis Rueden, Samuel Yang, Asim Shankar
Leads Curtis Rueden
Developers Curtis Rueden
Debuggers Curtis Rueden
Reviewers Curtis Rueden
Support Curtis Rueden
Maintainers Curtis Rueden
Contributors Samuel Yang, Asim Shankar

This plugin assesses the focus quality of microscope images, classifying the image in tiles.


The plugin predicts an absolute measure of image focus on a single image in isolation, without any user-specified parameters. It uses a pre-trained deep neural network, operating at the image-patch level, and also outputs a measure of prediction certainty, enabling interpretable predictions.


  • Enable the TensorFlow update site.
  • The command is in Classification  › Microscope Image Focus Quality.


The plugin is currently limited to 16-bit integer data only. The model was trained with images in the intensity range of [0, ~10000]; your mileage may vary if the input image intensities diverge from that too greatly.


See also

  • TensorFlow, the machine learning library this plugin uses.