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= Welcome to '''Fiji''' =
= Welcome to '''Fiji''' =
[[Image:Fiji.jpg|right|Fiji Is Just ImageJ]]
[[Image:Fiji.jpg|right|320px|Fiji Is Just ImageJ]]
<center><big> Fiji Is Just ImageJ </big></center>
<center><big> Fiji Is Just ImageJ </big></center>

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Welcome to Fiji

Fiji Is Just ImageJ
Fiji Is Just ImageJ

What is Fiji

If ImageJ was a chocolate chip, Fiji would be a chocolate-chip muffin.

Fiji is a project aiming at simplifying, empowering

  • the installation of ImageJ
  • the usage of ImageJ
  • the usage of specific, powerful ImageJ plugins
  • the development of plugins using ImageJ

It is a carefully-cooked, stirred-with-love open source recipe that will install on your hard drive, whatever is your machine or what OS runs it, a fully featured distribution of ImageJ, with a blend selection of branded plugins (hopefully) filling all of your image processing needs, and more importantly, that just works.

These last points might be yet somewhat unfulfilled, for Fiji is still alpha software. But it is lead by a team of dedicated scientists that wishes to serve, and the packages we release are intended to be pretty stable and usable.


At the moment, we support

  • Linux (x86),
  • Linux (amd64),
  • MacOSX (PowerPC),
  • MacOSX (Intel),
  • Windows (x86), and
  • Windows (amd64)

You can download the packages here.

Reporting Problems

We are delighted to hear about something that does not work, for our goal is to fix it. Seeing the number of different platforms we support, it would be awkward to expect everything working smooth in a snap. So please help us, by complaining about bugs. You can report them here and view the list of unresolved problems here.


Find out how to get help here.


For some descriptions of the plugins you'll find in Fiji, see Plugins Menu

Thrilled by the project? Hoping it will support your need? Because of its structure and goals, the Fiji project can use the help of a very large range of competence. If you feel like helping (anyone can), you will find our recently assembled task list here. We also just opened a Developers HowTo.