Linear Kuwahara

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Linear Kuwahara
Project Fiji
Source on GitHub
License GPLv3
Release 2.0.1
Date Sat Apr 29 22:54:55 CDT 2017
Development status Stable
Support status Partial
Founders Christian Tischer, Johannes Schindelin
Leads Christian Tischer
Developers -
Debuggers -
Reviewers Christian Tischer
Support Christian Tischer
Maintainers Christian Tischer, Curtis Rueden
Contributors Johannes Schindelin, Mark Hiner

This plugin extends the idea of the original Kuwahara filter from rectangular kernels to (straight) linear ones.

You can specify how large the generated kernels should be, and for how many different angles they are generated. Additionally, you can specify what criterion is used to select the best orientation.



With 30 angles at line length 17 with the criterion Variance, the filtered image looks like this: