Learnathon 2018

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The second DAIS Learnathon took place from June 3 until June 9 2018.


See this page!

Setting up your system

Check if you have this set up:

  • Eclipse (Neon)
  • bash / zsh
  • GIT
  • Maven
  • Gitter


Intro session...

See slides!

Start a Maven project with Eclipse

Slides online:

Git repos to clone:

  • git@github.com:imagej/example-imagej-command.git

Notes: In case you want to switch to the legacy UI (ImageJ 1), you change the dependencies section in your POM to...


Introduction to ImgLib2

Git repos to clone:

(Slides are contained in the repository.)


ImageJ2 and SciJava

ImageJ2 Ops

ImageJ Legacy