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Labkit ()
Author Matthias Arzt
Update site Maarzt
Maintainer Matthias Arzt
Source on GitHub

Labkit is a FIJI plugin for labeling regions of an image.


Labkit can be installed from the ImageJ update site:

For details see: Following_an_update_site


Use ImageJ to open the image you want to create labels for. In ImageJ, select the image, and from the menu choose Plugins > Segmentation > Labkit.


Basic Navigation

  • ^ Ctrl+ Shift+mouse-wheel to zoom in and out
  • right-click+drag to move the image
  • left-click+drag to rotate a 3d image
  • mouse-wheel to scroll through the z-slices of a 3d image

Create Labels

When Space is pressed, while the mouse is over the image, a circle around the mouse pointer will appear.

  • Space+left click mark the pixels inside the circle
  • Space+right click remove the mark from the pixels inside the circle.
  • Space+mouse wheel change the size of the circle used to mark pixels.

By default pixels can be marked as "foreground" or "background". To switch between these two labels use N.