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* {{Person|Awalter2}} (developer, [[ImageJ]])
* {{Person|Awalter2}} (developer, [[ImageJ]])
* {{Person|gselzer}} (developer, [[ImageJ Ops]])
* {{Person|gselzer}} (developer, [[ImageJ Ops]])
* {{Person|Xanthorapedia}} (developer, [[SLIM Curve]]
* {{Person|Xanthorapedia}} (developer, [[SLIM Curve]])
== Alumni ==
== Alumni ==

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The Eliceiri lab, also known as the Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation, is an interdisciplinary biophotonics laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


LOCI plays a very active role in the ImageJ community:

  • LOCI launched the ImageJ2, SCIFIO and SciJava Common projects, and continues to drive their development.
  • Together with CSBD/MPI-CBG, LOCI maintains the Fiji project.
  • LOCI founded the Bio-Formats project, and led the project's development for several years.
  • LOCI regularly funds and hosts hackathons intended to foster community development of open source biological software projects.
  • LOCI hosts the imagej.net web services, as well as related services including fiji.sc and openspim.org.

LOCI is a founding member of the SciJava collaboration, and a partner of the Open Microscopy Environment consortium.



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