KymographBuilder : Yet Another Kymograph Fiji plugin

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KymographBuilder (Fiji)
Author Hadrien Mary
Maintainer Hadrien Mary
Source on GitHub
Initial release 24/04/2016
Development status v1.2.0, stable


KymographBuilder is Yet Another Kymograph Fiji plugin.

Features are :

  • Build kymograph from single or multiple lines (a polyline).
  • Build kymograph for images with multiple channels.
  • Take into account the width of the line using maximum projection along its thickness.
  • Built from scratch and use the Imagej2 Ecosystem.
  • Fast and easy to use.

How to use :

  • Draw a line : it can be a polyline and you can also set the thickness that will be take into account by the plugin.
  • Launch KymographBuilder : Plugins ► Kymograph ► KymographBuilder
  • You're done.
Kymograph Construction.png

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KymographBuilder has been created by Hadrien Mary.

This work started in 2016 at the Gary Brouhard laboratory ( at the University of McGill.