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What is ImageJ?

ImageJ is an open source image processing program for multidimensional image data with a focus on scientific imaging.

ImageJ has grown significantly due largely to being freely available and its vibrant and helpful user community. Uses of ImageJ range from data visualization and teaching to advanced image processing and statistical analysis. The software’s extensibility continues to attract biologists at all career stages as well as computer scientists who wish to effectively implement specific image-processing algorithms. Open-source software, such as the ImageJ project, fosters its suites of software tools, making multitudes of image-analysis technology easily accessible to the scientific community.

What can ImageJ do?

ImageJ provides:

ImageJ's extensibility is truly the root of its effectiveness: many advanced image-processing methods are not provided by the core application, but rather made available as third-party plugins via update sites written by specialists in the corresponding fields.

How do I get started?