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Fiji comes as a [[wikipedia:Portable application|portable application]]. That means that you do not have to install it; just download, unpack and start it.
#REDIRECT [[Fiji/Downloads#Installation]]
First, go to Fiji's [[Main_Page|home page]]:
After clicking on the ''Downloads'' link, select the appropriate .zip file:
When asked, you can tell the web browser to open the file right away:
Now, select ''Extract All...'' from the ''File'' menu of the window which just popped up:
The extraction wizard will ask you for a destination on the second page; you should not use the default (which is a temporary directory), but select something like ''Desktop'' instead:
At the end, the extraction wizard will ask you if it should open the directory which contains the extracted files.  Say yes, and open the extracted directory ''Fiji.app'':
You can start [[Main_Page|Fiji]] by double-clicking on the ''ImageJ-win32'' executable (on 64-bit systems, it is ''ImageJ-win64'').
Next time you want to start Fiji, just open the ''Fiji.app'' directory on your desktop and double-click on the executable.  To make things easier, you might want to create a shortcut to that executable and put it on the Desktop, into the Start menu, or into the QuickLaunch bar.

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