Install Fiji on Linux

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If you want to install Fiji on Linux, and you have a Debian or Ubuntu system, you should follow the instructions for installing the packages.

If not, or if you lack system administrator privileges, you can download the portable application (this means that you do not have to install the program; just unpacking it is enough).

Installing Fiji as a portable application

First, go to the main page and click on the Downloads link:

Install Fiji on Linux-MainPage.jpg

This will lead you to the Downloads page.

Install Fiji on Linux-Downloads.jpg

Now you need to know if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit, and download the appropriate package. When asked, you can choose to open it in the ArchiveManager right away:

Install Fiji on Linux-Tar.jpg

In the ArchiveManager, just extract the directory, e.g. to your Desktop:

Install Fiji on Linux-ArchiveManager.jpg

Now open this directory in your FileManager of choice, and start the fiji-linux executable (fiji-linux64 on 64-bit computers):

Install Fiji on Linux-FileManager.jpg