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Author Insight Software Consortium
Maintainer Insight Software Consortium
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Development status Active

The Insight Toolkit (ITK) is a cross-platform, open-source application development framework widely used for the development of image segmentation and image registration programs.

ITK integration with ImageJ

Although ITK is a C++ application, many ITK functions are available in ImageJ through the SimpleITK Java compatibility layer.

Enabling this functionality in ImageJ is simply a matter of turning on the ImageJ-ITK update site. Note that this will trigger a large download, as it requires the SimpleITK native library (up to a few hundred MB).

What's on the update site?

  • SimpleITK 0.90 is distributed with this update. After update all SimpleITK classes can be called from the script editor.
  • When using @itkImage parameters in scripts, the active ImageJ Dataset(s) will be converted to SimpleITK Image(s)
  • There are several templates in the script editor demonstrating ITK use. The following example shows how to perform Otsu multilevel threshold using SimpleITK
# @itkImage
# @OUTPUT Dataset output

from org.itk.simple import OtsuMultipleThresholdsImageFilter

otsu = OtsuMultipleThresholdsImageFilter()

# call otsu using simple itk wrapper
output = otsu.execute(image, 2, 0, 255, True)