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ij2-python-lib (Fiji)
Author Hadrien Mary
Maintainer Hadrien Mary
Source on GitHub
Initial release 15/11/2016
Development status v0.1.0, development


ij2-python-lib is a set of IJ2 Python Libraries.

Note that this library has been designed to regroup useful functions the author use often. And so many functions are very specific to the use-case of the author.


Add the Hadim update site in Help ▶ Update… (see http://imagej.net/Following_an_update_site for details on how to proceed).


The best documentation is the source code but I'll give some usage examples here.

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ij2-python-lib has been created by Hadrien Mary.

This work started in 2016 at the Gary Brouhard laboratory (http://brouhardlab.mcgill.ca) at McGill University.